12V 100W 200W Flexible Solar Panel Monocrystalline For Car/Boat/ Home Solar Charge 12V 24V Waterproof solar kit China inverter

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Solar Panel Kit 12v 100W/12V 24v 200W Semi-Flexible Bendable Mono Off-Grid Charger for Marine RV Cabin Van Car Uneven Surfaces

Packing list

1 x 100W 18V Solar Panel (100WAvailable in black/white)


2 x 100W 18V Solar Panel (2pcs 100w Available in black/white)


1 x 100W 18V Solar Panel (100W Kit Available in black/white )

1 set 3m cable with PV connector

1 set 3m cable with Alligator clip

1 X 10A Controller


2 x 100W 18V Solar Panel (2pcs 100W Kit Available in black/white)

1 set 3m cable with PV connector

1 set 3m cable with Alligator clip

1 X 20A Controller

1 set 2 in 1 PV adapter


1 X 12V to 110V 1000W Inverter (110V 1000W Inverter)


1 X 12V to 220V 1000W Inverter

Flexible solar panel Specification

Maximum power(Pmax) 100W

Maximum system voltage 700V DC

Open circuit voltage(Voc) 21.6V

Short circuit current(Isc) 6A

Maximum power voltage(Vmp) 18V

Maximum power current(Imp) 5.5A

Weight 1.7KG

Size 37.6 inch *20.87 inch*0.1 inch

Operating temperature(NOCT) 45 plus or minus 2 Celsius system

STC: lrradiance1000w/m2,Temperature 25 Celsius system, AM=1.5


1.[Excellent performance] Using high-quality monocrystalline silicon cells, high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells provide good performance even in low light conditions

2.[Flexible] This flexible solar panel is a good choice for curved surfaces of RV, boat,sailboat, yacht,truck, car, coach, cabin, camper , tent , trailer, golf cart or any other irregular surface.

3.[Practicality] Light energy converts electrical energy and has strong practicability. It is a good supplement for power shortages and places where the city power cannot reach, such as mountains, marine, deserts, etc.

4.[Nice Details] The water resistant flexible solar panel is far more durable than traditional glass and aluminum models; The junction box is sealed and waterproof.

5.[Easy Installation]The solar panel has 6 grommet mounting holes are available to attach fasteners,and can also be installed with silicone and adhesive tape. 12-month guarantee service.


110V or 220V inverter Specifications:

Material: painted aluminum alloy;

Rated input voltage: 12V

Power: 1000W;

Output working voltage: 110V/220V;

Rated frequency: 50-60hz;

Working temperature: – 30 – + 50 ℃;

Load power: 600W

Solar module products

a. This product must not be in contact with highly corrosive substances to avoid excessive bending and long-term bending;
b. The solar panel should be prevented from stacking and falling down, the solar flexible panel cannot be disassembled, do not collide with hard objects, avoid trampling, and avoid scratching the surface with hard objects during use;
c. A large number of scratches or dirt on the surface of the solar panel may result in low efficiency of the solar panel, which may seriously cause burnout;
d. The suitable ambient temperature range of solar panels: -20 ℃-80 ℃, do not exceed this range;
e. The solar panel must be installed in an area with good sunlight and no shadow. The solar panel may work in the shaded sunlight for a long time and there may be a risk of burnout;
f. When used in series connection, the "+" of the previous component is connected to the "-" of the next component. The same panel cannot be directly connected to the positive and negative poles.

Solar panel connection installation method

When you use a 12V battery, use a parallel connection; when you use a 24V battery, use two serial connections. Please install the solar panel on a smooth surface with good sunlight and no shadow, and try not to install it on uneven areas. Solar panels can be fixed with glue or bolts.

12V 200W solar panel kit

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Isuru Udana Hewapathirana

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