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off grid solar market - All renewable energy iformationand equipment from one place

Welcome to Off Grid Solar Market, your one-stop shop for all things solar and renewable energy. We are dedicated to providing the best products and services in the solar industry to help you harness the power of the sun and reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you’re looking to install a new solar system, upgrade your existing one, or just looking for information on the latest developments in renewable energy, we have you covered. Our site is based in Sri Lanka but we have a global reach, so no matter where you are, you can access our resources and connect with our network of sellers and service providers.

We are committed to educating and empowering our community to make informed decisions about their energy consumption. Through our articles and resources, we provide the latest information on the best solar products, the benefits of renewable energy, and the steps you can take to reduce your environmental impact. We also offer a platform for sellers and service providers to advertise their services and reach a wider audience. Our classified advertisements section is a convenient way for you to find the right service for your needs and connect with local professionals.

Thank you for choosing Off Grid Solar Market as your source for information on solar and renewable energy. We are excited to be a part of your journey toward a sustainable future.

The Story Behind Off Grid Solar Market

A Vision for a Greener Future

Off Grid Solar Market was founded by Isuru Udana Hewapathirana, a BSc in Electrical and Information Engineering from the University of Ruhuna and experienced solar system installer. With a passion for renewable energy and a drive to make a positive impact on the environment, Isuru saw an opportunity to provide a solution for the economic crisis in Sri Lanka by creating a marketplace for solar products and services.

Overcoming Challenges to Connect Buyers and Sellers

As a result of the economic crisis, there was a sudden increase in demand for off-grid solar systems in Sri Lanka, causing the prices of solar products to skyrocket. The import ban and inflation in the country only made the situation more difficult, making it nearly impossible for buyers to find the equipment they needed at reasonable prices.

Isuru saw this as an opportunity to bring together buyers and sellers in a single marketplace, where they could connect and find the products and services they needed at reasonable prices. With his background in Electrical and Information Engineering and experience in the solar industry, Isuru was well-equipped to create a platform that not only connected buyers and sellers, but also promoted education and the adoption of renewable energy.

Our Mission and Commitment

At Off Grid Solar Market, our mission is to make renewable energy accessible and affordable for everyone. We aim to educate people about the benefits of sustainable energy and promote its widespread adoption. Our platform connects buyers and sellers of solar products and services, ensuring the availability of high-quality products and expert services. We are dedicated to fostering a sustainable energy community and helping to create a greener future for all.