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Inverter (DC 12V to AC 220V)

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Inverter (DC 12V to AC 220V)
500W – Rs. 6,500
1000W – Rs. 8,900
2000W – Rs. 12,800
3000W – Rs. 17,800
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The primary job of an inverter is to convert the DC (Direct Current) power from the battery bank or solar panels to AC (Alternating Current) power needed for most appliances. To do that, it must take the constant DC voltage and change it to a sine wave curve that goes above and below 0 volts. When inverters first came out, the most common way to do this was to make the voltage go straight up and down, creating a blocky signal. This is called modified sine wave,
• Avoid placing the inverter into sunlight directly or next to heat-sensitive materials to protect inverter from getting too warm.
• Please understand device wattage usage.
• Color: Green
• Material: aluminum alloy heatsink
• Capacity Available: 500VA / 1000VA / 2000VA / 3000VA
• Input voltage: DC 12V
• Output voltage: AC 220V, 50/60Hz
• Minimum protection voltage: 9.5V
• Maximum protection voltage: 15.5V
• Output voltage waveform: Modified sine wave
• Interface: 1 x USB port, 1 x universal port
• Product size: 128 * 95 * 55mm
• These products are directly imported from manufacturer with quality control standards.
Whatsapp/Call: 0777300218
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