PowMr 16.8KW Hybrid Solar Inverter Three-Phase 380VAC Output Support 48V Battery Max PV 500VDC with MPPT 80A Charger Controller

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PowMr 16.8KW Hybrid Solar Inverter Three-Phase 380VAC Output Support 48V Battery Max PV 500VDC with MPPT 80A Charger Controller


1) POW 16.8KW is Paralleled by 3 Units Hybrid POW 5.6K Inverter With Parallel Kits

2) For European Union customers, You can select shipping from China, We will ship from EU warehouse. You don't pay extra money. The estimated delivery is 3-7 days.




Battery Input

battery type

SEALED, Flood, GEL,LFP,Ternary

rated battery input voltage

48V(Minimum Startup Voltage 44V)

hybrid charging maximum charging current


battery voltage range

40Vdc~60Vdc±0.6Vdc(undervoltage Warning/Shutdown Voltage/Overvoltage Warning/Overvoltage Recovery…)

Solar Input

maximum PV open-circuit voltage


PV working voltage range


MPPT voltage range


maximum PV input current


maximum PV input power


maximum PV charging current


AC Input (generator/grid)

Mains Maximum Charging Current


Rated Input Voltage


Input Voltage Range

UPS Mains Mode:(170Vac~280Vac)±2%
APL Generator Mode:(90Vac~280Vac)±2%


50Hz/60Hz(Automatic Dection)

Mains Charging Efficiency


Switch Time( bypass and inverter)

10ms(Typical Value)

Maximum Bypass Overload Current


AC Output

Output Voltage Waveform

Pure Sine Wave

Rated output voltage(vac)


Rated output power(VA)


Rated output power(W)


Peak Power


On-load Motor Capacity


Output Frequency Range(Hz)


Maximum Efficiency


No-load Loss

Non Energy-saving Mode≤50W Energy -saving Mode:≤25w(Manual Setup)

Number of parallel



CE(IEC62109-1)/CETL(UL1741 C22.2 NO.107.1)


* Load friendly: Stable sine wave AC output via SPWM modulation
* Supports a wide range of battery technology:
 GEL, AGM, Flooded, LEP, and program.
* Dual LEP battery activation method: PV&mains
* Uninterrupted power supply: simultaneous connection to utility grid/generator
* High energy efficiency: up to 99.9%Mppt capture efficiency
* Instant viewing of operation: the LED panel displays data and settings, while you can also be viewed using the app and webpage.
* Power saving: power saving mode automatically reduces power consumption at zero-load
* Under-voltage and over-voltage protection, overload protection, reverse olarity protection, and so on.
* Supports
 up to 6 devices of the same model connected in parallel(forming a single-phase, three-phase electrical system)

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Isuru Udana Hewapathirana

Isuru Udana Hewapathirana

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